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Contact Lenses - Disposable Contact Lenses Part 2

Convenience is a huge factor in disposables, not surprisingly. Daily insertion and removal still requires cleaning, sterilizing and regular placement of the lens. While many contact lens wearers establish a routine, others find the practice something they would prefer to avoid. Disposables offer that option. Some are designed to be worn once and then just tossed. Many types of extended wear disposables can stay in overnight, or a week, or even up to a month.

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Since those are inserted only once, they never need to be cleaned or sterilized at all. You just clean your hands, insert them, then throw them away after the wear period. No muss, no fuss. But, that convenience comes at a price.

Cost is a factor to consider and it’s not always negligible. While prices vary over time, disposables are typically more expensive over the long run. You pay for the convenience. But the daily costs are lower, since the lens is intended to be used only for a short period.

One way manufacturers can do that, of course, is to use different materials and production methods. The result is a safe, comfortable lens but one that may not provide the same optimally sharp vision that another style can.

Still, many sports enthusiasts enjoy disposables thanks to their tight fit, which results in them being very hard to knock loose. And if the quality is good enough for them, it will probably be good enough for most everyone.

Investigate your options in disposable contact lenses and you may well find one that is just right for you and your lifestyle.

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