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Detox is a lifestyle product that improves overall wellness.

Absorbatox® is an inert substance with no intrinsic activity of its own and its actions can solely be ascribed to its adsorbing capabilities.

Unlike most conventional medication which is invasive, Absorbatox® is by design and composition inert and acts only on the GIT. When taken orally, Absorbatox® binds toxins, nitrates and heavy metals to itself and exchanges its cat-ions e.g. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium in its place. Because of the charged molecules in its structure (which can be altered) it will bind specific ions with an opposite charge. Absorbatox® has a selective ion exchange sequence which can be manipulated to suit. Its propensity for nitrates may also help for related symptoms as has been demonstrated by anecdotal evidence from more than 22000 users during various research phases. It is thought that these added benefits are induced due to the body’s ability to equilibriate after the removal of toxins

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