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Know Your Skin!

October 7th, 2008 peter Posted in Aging, Beauty and Skin, Exercise & Fitness, General Health, Mental Health No Comments »

Skin is the universal part of our body. It is the most exposed part of body. As the season changes skin also experience alteration accordingly. The factors that affect body skin involve weather changes, dirt, dust, pollution that can create major skin problem. The skin problems are many and hence to deal these problems raises the need of skin care regime. Skin care means to deal with all the problems related to skin and to prevent it from further problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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Epilepsy: Learning To Live With It.

July 25th, 2008 alo Posted in Diseases and Conditions, Mental Health No Comments »


Epilepsy can cause strange sensations, emotions and behavior or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness. The reason for these abnormalities in behavior is the disturbance of the normal pattern of neuronal activity. In an epileptic person, clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the  brain sometimes signal abnormally. A person may have a seizure and still may not be a victim of epilepsy. This is so because many people , for example children with high fevers, experience one seizure and then never have another one. Doctors classify a person as epileptic only when a person has had two or more seizures. EEGs and brain scans are often resorted to for confirmation of epilepsy. Likelihood of suffering from epilepsy is highest during childhood and above the age of 65. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meditation For Better Health

July 22nd, 2008 admin Posted in General Health, Meditation & Yoga, Mental Health No Comments »

A person who is meditating uses certain techniques, such as focusing attention, an open attitude toward distracting thoughts and emotions and a specific posture. One can meditate for different reasons like relaxation, mental calmness, and to cope with one or more diseases and conditions; psychological balance; and for overall wellness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jaundice: Not A Disease, But A Symptom

July 17th, 2008 alo Posted in Diseases and Conditions, General Health, Health Care, Mental Health No Comments »

What Is Jaundice?

Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, is not a disease itself but a symptom of an underlying disorder. The discoloration occurs when excessive amounts of the body pigment bilirubin accumulate in the bloodstream. Normally bilirubin — a natural byproduct of the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver — mixes with the digestive juice bile and passes harmlessly out of the body through the digestive tract. But if the liver is not functioning properly or the passage of bile is obstructed (perhaps by gallstones), bilirubin backs up into the blood. Jaundice in newborns and very young children, in most cases, is relatively benign. But in older children and adults it can be a sign of a more serious ailment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dreams-Trying To Find Their Meaning

July 9th, 2008 alo Posted in General Health, Mental Health No Comments »

Dreams have a long history both as a subject of conjecture and as a source of inspiration. Throughout their history, people have sought meaning in dreams or divination through dreams. They have been described physiologically as a response to neural processes during sleep, psychologically as reflections of the subconscious and spiritually as messages from the Almighty or predictions of the future. Many cultures practiced dream incubation, with the intention of cultivating dreams that were prophetic or contained messages from the divine. Jews have a traditional ceremony called hatovat chalom – literally meaning making the dream a good one. Through this rite disturbing dreams can be transformed to give a positive interpretation by a rabbi or a rabbinic court. Read the rest of this entry »

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Migraine: Learning To Cope With It

July 9th, 2008 alo Posted in Diseases and Conditions, General Health, Mental Health No Comments »

What It Is:

The word Migraine is French in origin and has its roots in Greek hemicrania. Literally, hemicrania means half the head.Migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily experiences and painful headaches. A typical migraine headache is one-sided and pulsating, lasting 4 to 72 hours. Migraine headache may be accompanied with nausea and vomiting and photophobia( heightened sensitivity to bright lights) . The patient may also complain of hyperacusis( heightened sensitivity to noise). 33% of people who experience migraine get a preceding aura, in which the patient may sense a strange light or unpleasant smell. The episodes of migraine may be triggered by certain foods and beverages( like chocolate or alcohol), stress or menstruation. In some migraine types there are typical features but the headache remains absent, and in children abdominal pain may be a prominent feature. Migraine shows gender bias. Although till the age of puberty, boys and girls are equally likely to suffer from migraine, after puberty the scale becomes tilted. 75% of patients complaining of migraine are from the fairer sex. One curious fact is that migraine seems to disappear during pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Co-operation Of Parents Leads To A Successful Child

July 7th, 2008 albert Posted in Children's Health, Health Care, Mental Health No Comments »

  • Diet Rich In Nutrition, Also Plays a Significant Role To Success
  • Special Nutrition Care Must Be Taken Of Small One’s And Teenagers
  • Following Aspects Help In Making The Food More Nutritious
  • Breakfast
  • Meal
  • Avoid Enjoying Junk Food

The world is becoming more and more competitive. To compete with it, Education is the key motive to success. Nowadays, parents are fully involved in their children’s education. This is the era where everyone is realizing the significance and quality of education. Countries are spending wholesome of capital on quality education. Even the local schools are more apprehensive towards quality education. Parents desire promising dialogue for their children’s future. Parents play a key role in motivating their children to a promising future. It is very important, that parents should pay full attention to their child’s educational requirement. They are required to help their children right through the year in reading, completing assignments, helping them to make active participation in various events, assisting moral support to co-ordinate with the teachers and to assort friendly nature with their colleagues.
The latest literature studies researched by “Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory” discovered that, primary involvement of parents is very important in proper development of the child and encourage the school organization to produce quality skilled scholars. Apart from the moral support there are many factors responsible for the success; one of these factors is good nourished diet.

Diet Rich In Nutrition, Also Plays a Significant Role To Success

When we talk about nutritional diet, we consider fully nourished diet which is essential for one’s growth, mentally as well as physically. It is very important to consume healthy diet as it provides energy to work and to think for longer hours, also to strengthen the grasping power and help to keep the brain cool in extreme circumstances. Parents are very much persuasive about their children’s health. Considering these aspects parents pay more attention to their diets. Usually children are very much choosy about whatever food they eat. It is very important for the parents to include cleverly the nutritional food in the diet, in such a way so that the children should enjoy it. Parents should take the extreme steps if required regarding their nutrition diet. Most of the children in the school have hard time to go, as they have to perform various activities. And ingestion of nutritional food becomes a major task regarding growth and development.

Special Nutrition Care Must Be Taken Of Small One’s And Teenagers

Kids & adult are small enough to look after their food nutrition. Therefore special care must be given to them as it is their primary stage of development.
The diet follows the following routine:

The morning diet includes breakfast, which provides energy to the body early morning. As the last food intake was the before night dinner, and the body has been without any food since fortnight. The breakfast will supply required energy to the body till lunch and will help to gain the power to forward the work ahead.
Usually in the morning one feel empty stomach, and needs to stimulate the body by consuming nutritious breakfast.

A child practices various activities, right from the time he or she is awake. One’s breakfast can contain a dough nut with a glass of milk which will stimulate the child’s brain to attend the morning arithmetic or mental studies lecture in the school. Therefore it becomes extreme important to be energized by consuming nutritional diet.

Following Aspects Help In Making The Food More Nutritious:

Always see to it that the offered luxurious food is well versed, rich in nutrition and offer options to the breakfast. As eating habits often depend on one’s mood, it is important to offer choice. Make maximum use of nutritious drinks, like shakes prepared from all types of fruit’s, avoid using essence and artificial food colors. Fruits like orange, pineapple, banana, etc. may provide good source of nutrition. Bread with butter imparts good stimulus for the body. Even breakfast including sandwiches containing fresh green vegetables, and slices of cheese provide a healthy source of fuel to the body. Try mixed fresh fruit custard to take after breakfast or even after lunch. Include mostly the colorful and enjoyable but nutritious food for the kids.


After a tiring time in the school children rush home and are ready to take anything which is available in the refrigerator. According to the studies this mentality of the children is found mostly in those children who’ s both the parents are to the job, and have no other option left to quit their hunger. In such cases, parents should fulfill their responsibility by preparing good, nutritious and healthy food, which their children may enjoy as well.

After meal it is important to take nutritious drinks like fruit juices to ease digestion. Healthy food containing egg, fish (rich in vitamins), meat, can provide a good source of nutrition. Avoid canned food which may be harm the body weight, as it may decrease the nutrition value of the food.
One can use some liter foodstuffs for who took heavy breakfast and has little hunger left. For that purpose one can provide some eatables like popcorns, smooth salty biscuits, yogurt, even milk products, fruit cocktail, coconut chips, banana chips etc.

Paste list on the refrigerator giving information about the food, snacks etc. Let the child help himself or herself to search for the food it want. Prepare the sandwiches or cookery product of attractive shapes, to fascinate the children, so that they may enjoy the food.
It is certain that when a child has entered the routine diet, there is possibility that it becomes accustomed with the regular diet.

Avoid Enjoying Junk Food:

As junk food is the high source of fats and has a minimum quantity of nutritional values, one should keep away from it. Though it taste pleasant but the ultimate result is; increase in fatness; low nutritional intake causes dullness, inactiveness.

But today’s first choice for younger generation is this so called fast food, which is increasing fast in youth. As per the majority demand, even the restaurants are motivating towards these foodstuffs. The canteens are loosing the demands of nutritious food. It is very pathetic, to know that the future generation, is becoming more prone to these junk foodstuffs rather than the nutritious one.

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Schizophrenia-there is still a ray of hope

July 3rd, 2008 peter Posted in Depression, Mental Health No Comments »

Late adolescence and early adulthood are peak years for the onset of schizophrenia. These are critical periods in a young adult’s social and vocational development, and they can be severely disrupted by disease onset. A person experiencing schizophrenia may demonstrate symptoms such as disorganized thinking, auditory hallucinations, and delusions.  In severe cases, the person may be largely mute, remain motionless in bizarre postures, or exhibit purposeless agitation. Social isolation commonly occurs and may be due to a number of factors. Impairment in social cognition is associated with schizophrenia, as are the active symptoms of paranoia from delusions and hallucinations, and the negative symptoms of apathy . Many people diagnosed with schizophrenia avoid potentially stressful social situations that may exacerbate mental distress. People have written books and made films on this problem. Nobel laureate mathematician John Nash’s life has been captured in book and film “A Beautiful Mind”. Another such book is “Tell me I’m Here” ,written by Australian journalist Anne Deveson. In this book the authoress tells the story of her son’s battle with schizophrenia. This book too was later made into a movie. There is a Marathi film “Devrai” that tries to portray a schizophrenia patient’s behavior, mentality and struggle along with that of his loved ones. Medication, dedication and patience of close relatives finally treats the patient. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meditation For Health

June 24th, 2008 stanley Posted in Health Care, Meditation & Yoga, Mental Health No Comments »

People practice meditation for various reasons. Meditation helps to maintain relation between mind body and soul. Meditation is helps to control stress, anxiety. It helps to maintain psychological balance; to cope with one or more diseases and conditions; and for overall wellness.

Meditation- It’s Meaning

Meditation is a very old technique which started in Eastern religious and spiritual traditions. People of many other traditions have adopted it world wide. Today, many people use meditation outside of its traditional religious or cultural settings, for health and wellness purposes. Meditation teaches you to control your complete mind, body and soul. Practice of meditation result in a state of greater physical relaxation, mental calmness, and psychological balance.

Four Common Elements Of Meditation

Select A Quiet Location
If you are a beginner you should try to select a quiet place to meditate where you face very less distraction. People who have been practicing meditation for a longer period of time sometimes develop the ability to meditate in public places, like waiting rooms or buses.

Sit In A Comfortable Posture

While sitting for meditation you should sit in a comfortable posture. If you are a person who practices meditation from a very longtime you can always meditate while you are walking, sitting or doing something or traveling.

Be Focused

Try to be focused and do not let your mind divert. Focusing is a very important part of meditation. For example, the meditator may focus on a mantra (a specially chosen word or set of words), an object, or the breath.

Have An Open Attitude

When you meditate do not let your mind distract from the focus. If your thoughts start wandering drag them back to your point of focus. You may also attain a stage where you will learn to observe the rising and falling of thoughts and emotions as they spontaneously occur.

Meditation For Health

In this type of meditation one focuses on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior, with the intent to use the mind to affect physical functioning and promote health. Examples include meditation and yoga.

Through meditation you can have interaction among the brain, the rest of the body, the mind, and behavior.

Meditation can be used for various health problems, such as:

Mood and self-esteem problems
Cardiovascular (heart) disease
Physical or emotional symptoms that may be associated with chronic illnesses and their treatment, such as:

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Importance Of Health, Fitness And Exercise

June 20th, 2008 alo Posted in Exercise & Fitness, Mental Health No Comments »

Do you think you know every thing important about health, fitness and exercise? Every one thinks he or she does. But no one tries to find out, how true is that? You will be surprised to know the excellent benefits associated with the proper maintenance of your body. This article will discuss these important subjects in greater detail. Getting curious to know more! Read the rest of this entry »

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